Our Ethics


Our values and standards as a community of financial coaches


The Wise Monkey Community consists of a group of independent coaches trained through Wise Monkey's Financial Coach Practitioner Certificate Training.

We are a wide range of people, each with our own terms of business and delivery models.

The Code of Ethics below exists to guide our standards of behaviour, and inform our decision-making, as a group of like-minded coaches.

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Wise Monkey Financial Coaching

Code of Ethics

This is our agreed Code of Ethics for all independent financial coaches carrying Wise Monkey's Financial Coach Practitioner Certificate badge.




We meet clients where they are, put ourselves in their shoes, and have genuine compassion for their emotional as well as actual realities.


We trust our clients to be the best experts on their own lives; inspiring confidence and facilitating them to make positive change.

High Quality

At all times, we aim to offer a high quality of service – timely, knowledgeable and skilled.


We never allow our practice to be influenced by third-party payments.


We always act in our clients’ best interest; and respect confidentiality.


We set and respect boundaries from the start of each client relationship. We treat everyone equally, and always show respect for individual circumstances.


We display and disclose all relevant information clearly, so clients can make informed decisions about our service. 



Here we set out our Standards of Practice in more detail. All are already covered by Our Values.

At all times, we will:

  • Maintain strict levels of confidentiality and data protection, including the storage and disposal of client documents and information.
  • Present a truthful account of our qualifications, experience, and track record.
  • Set out clearly in writing our Terms of Business.
  • Present all relevant information concisely, accurately and clearly; and check our clients’ understanding.
  • Be sensitive to any potential conflicts of interest; manage them if they ever arise; and act at all times in the best interests of our clients.
  • Never be influenced by payments or benefits in kind from any third party.
  • Where relevant, explain clearly and impartially how financial products work; never recommend the purchase, variation or disposal of any financial product.
  • Keep up to date with our field through continuing professional development – in factual knowledge and in current, recognised best coaching practice.
  • Treat everyone at all times equally and with respect, no matter of differences, including class, disability, gender identity, neurodiversity, race, religion, sexual orientation and socioeconomic status.
  • Tailor our communication style, where we deem necessary, to best serve individual clients.
  • Acknowledge, and discuss with clients, when we see they might be better served elsewhere.
  • From the outset, make it clear how clients can end their coaching relationship, and never seek to prolong it beyond the point they benefit.
  • Endeavour to care for ourselves – physically, emotionally, mentally and motivationally – so we can, at all times, deliver the best service possible.

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Our Story

 Wise Monkey was formed in 2002, after Simonne Gnessen identified the need for a much more person-centred approach to financial guidance.

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