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Our trainees come from a wide range of backgrounds, so you'll fit right into our thriving community.



30 Sep - 11 Dec 2024

15 Apr - 19 Jun 2024: fully booked
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It's highly rewarding to support people with the money side of their lives.


Wise Monkey has pioneered a new holistic approach, where you learn how to help clients build confidence, feel calm and empowered, helping them transform this area of their lives and create habits and behaviours aligned to their desired outcomes. 

Helping people transform their emotional relationship with money has far reaching benefits, going beyond the parameters of the financial.


It's wonderful work, ranging from information and guidance to providing considerable support to clients facing up to complex emotions around money or navigating deeper financial issues. 

Financial coaching is a blend of generic guidance, mentoring and pure coaching - so there is a rich skillset for you to learn and grow into, and our trainees come from a wide range of backgrounds.

Read our latest blog to hear from some of our past trainees.

Thinking of joining this expanding sector?

There is huge momentum growing, and a real need for financial coaches.

Your next step is our industry-leading training, with a supportive community.


Our powerful, intensive online learning experience guarantees small group sizes and will leave you feeling well equipped to support real people with real emotions and financial situations.

We cover everything from coaching and mentoring skills, to money management and emotions around money.

It can be truly soul-nourishing work, and you will likely find the training transformative for yourself as well.

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When you train with us, you...

...learn from the UK pioneer in financial coaching, building on 21 years experience of running a successful practice
...join an immersive learning experience that is exceptionally well rated by your fellow past participants
...have access to a huge library of tools and resources for your financial coaching practice
...become part of a thriving, collaborative network of like-minded people
...enter a rapidly growing industry with a market-leading certificate and available on-going support in our Membership

... and you benefit from a professionally recognised curriculum:

Accredited by an independent body, the Institute for Financial Wellbeing (IFW)
Fast-tracked pathway to a nationally recognised qualification in coaching and mentoring with the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM)

Why so passionate about Financial Coach training? We have a big vision.


Having started her own Financial Coaching practice twenty one years ago, Simonne Gnessen's passion for helping clients transform their relationship with money led to the development of Wise Monkey's Financial Coach Practitioner Certificate Training, teaching others the tools and skills to create their own Financial Coaching practice. You can read our story here.

Simonne and the Wise Monkey team have been busy growing this field for over a decade with warmth and professionalism.

Enhanced professional standards have now led to the creation of our Wise Monkey Code of Ethics, adopted by all independent financial coaches carrying Wise Monkey's Financial Coach Practitioner Certificate badge.

To date we have trained over 200 people, who share our values and vision.


Our trainings are immersive and intensive. We offer plenty of opportunity to embed your learning through coaching exercises, case study practice and break out room activities. 

As financial coaching is a blend of generic guidance, mentoring and pure coaching, it can have profound benefits for your clients -  practical as well as therapeutic.

In our experience, it’s in this unique combination that your clients will see real transformation in their lives.

That's why our rich curriculum combines many disciplines and tools

(and is unrivalled in the UK)

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"Transformational"... "an incredible process"... "a tribe of like-minded people"...

View our trainee gallery

"It was wonderful! The pace was great and the quality of training and materials was superb. Really lovely experience and brilliant teaching"

"It far exceeded my expectations. The quality of the trainers and the materials were exceptional"

"I can honestly say it was the most professionally, smooth running, interactive and engaging course I have been on"

"Excellent course - great delivery and fantastic resources. It has taken me outside of my comfort zone to the point of me feeling that I have really achieved something special"

"I now feel that I can deliver a really, really powerful experience"

The training felt … I’d say it was transformational, really, from where I was 6 months ago to where I am now. I now feel confident enough to take a client from point A to point B which is the conclusion and I now feel that I can deliver a really, really powerful experience for them.

Nick Thompson

"We'd found a tribe of like-minded people"

Every single person was really supportive and we felt like we’d found a tribe of really like-minded people. It was lovely. It feels like this is a long-term growth movement - community - with substance and longevity. Definitely do it, do the course. It’s brilliant.

Belinda Dutch

We're excited for you to join us on this journey.

There's never been a better time!



We offer our core financial coach training live online in small groups twice a year:

Financial Coach Practitioner Certificate Training


An opportunity for people who are interested in establishing their own financial coaching practice, or add financial coaching skills to their existing practice.

This live online training is the UK's market leading course in financial coaching.

Small group sizes are guaranteed, which means you get extensive hands-on learning and focused feedback as you grow your skills. On completion, you're invited to join the supportive, inspiring network of Wise Monkey trained financial coaches.


NEXT DATES: 30 Sep - 11 Dec 2024

15 Apr - 19 Jun 2024: fully booked
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Support before and after:


Personal Finance Seminar Series


A series of three 90-minute seminars, designed for delegates who do not have formal training in personal finance - or those who simply wish to broaden their personal finance knowledge.

Our live and interactive seminar series takes place online in small groups.

You'll receive content-rich presentations on topics such as taxation, pensions, savings and investments, as well as a learning log and signposts to further information, to raise your confidence and skill level across personal finance.


NEXT DATES: Starts 10 Sep 2024

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Wise Monkey Community Membership

Currently open to Wise Monkey graduates only


Develop your financial coaching practice month by month with industry-leading sessions and a wonderful community.

Given the rapid growth of financial coaching across the UK, it’s especially important for us to work together and develop a consistent, high quality service for consumers. Our overall goal is to build credibility and commercial longevity among our members

Our membership offers business training, continuing professional development in financial coaching, a thriving collaborative community, a huge library of resources - and much more. 


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Free consultation call with Simonne

Once you register your interest in our financial coach training (obligation free), we can schedule a free consultation call with Wise Monkey founder Simonne Gnessen. She'll talk you through everything you need to know about our training programmes and answer all your questions.

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