Financial Coach Practitioner Certificate Training

An opportunity for people who are interested in establishing their own financial coaching practice, or add financial coaching skills to their existing practice.

Training and support offered by the UK's market leader in financial coaching.

Here's what past delegates have said

Thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm going home bursting with ideas and information - completely inspired!
A powerful, professionally delivered, creative and highly enjoyable induction. Your integrity and authenticity shone through.
Loved it! Far exceeded expectations. Hands down the best training I have ever attended.
Wow - the manual is a treasure trove of tools & information. Thanks for sharing your years of experience.

Registration Form

Course dates: Monday 13th September to Friday 13th October

Please complete and submit this form to register your interest in booking your place on our next Financial Coach Practitioner Certificate training course. Upon submitting the form, you will be contacted to schedule a free consultation call with Wise Monkey Financial Coaching founder Simonne Gnessen to discuss your specific needs and requirements, and to ensure the course meets these objectives.

If you've completed the form previously, please email [email protected] to arrange a call with Simonne.

Interested in helping clients kickstart a whole new approach to their finances?


A proven approach to help clients take better control of their finances

Communication skills to deliver powerful results

Coaching skills applied to money-related issues

Ways to help clients manage money and debt

Skills and tools to help clients improve their relationship with money

Strategies for facilitating behaviour change

Training Objectives

By the end of the training, you will have had the opportunity to:

  • Learn and practise the skills of effective communication
  • Practise using the Wise Monkey Financial Coaching model
  • Understand and explore the boundaries of generic financial advice
  • Learn and practise different coaching tools and models
  • Experience working through real-life case studies
  • Receive coaching on your style and delivery
  • Acquire a range of money management, debt tools and
  • Understand and practice strategies for facilitating behaviour change
  • Explore how to help clients address their emotional relationship with money
  • Acquire a toolkit of skills and resources
  • Practise applying your knowledge, skills, tools & resources

We have designed the Financial Coach Practitioner Certificate training with both you and your clients in mind.

Based on our innovative coaching model, the live online training course will help you develop the skills and confidence to provide generic financial advice to a wide range of clients. Our approach will also help you explore ways to address your clients’ relationship with money.

The course integrates the teaching of core communication and coaching skills with extensive feedback on your own delivery. We believe this approach allows you to develop your own coaching style, while ensuring you have the expertise to offer a quality service.

The course is focused on experiential learning, so be prepared for lots of participation. Small group sizes are guaranteed, which means you’ll receive ongoing and focused feedback to enable you to build and consolidate your skills throughout the training.


On successful completion of the course you’ll have the opportunity to join the Wise Monkey network of coaches. You’ll be part of a fast growing team of dedicated and like-minded professionals, supporting each other to help clients understand and take better control of their financial future.

What if I don't come from a Financial Services background?

Alongside our Financial Coach Practitioner Certificate Training, we also offer a series of three 90-minute online interactive seminars, designed for delegates who do not have any formal training in personal finance. The aim is to prepare trainees for the types of topics that may come up in coaching sessions.

You're more than welcome to attend our Personal Finance Seminars as a stand-alone to the training so you can prepare for attending the training at a later date or to broaden your own personal finance knowledge.

Find out more about the seminars and how to book your place here:

Personal Finance Seminars ➤

Course Outline

Book now for the course on

Monday 13 September - Wednesday 13 October 2021

Week 1:  Mon 13th - Wed 15th Sep (mornings only) 
Week 2:  Mon 20th - Wed 22nd Sep (mornings only)  
Week 3:  Mon 27th Sep - Fri 1st Oct (self study/practise sessions)  
Week 4:  Mon 4th - Wed 6th Oct (mornings only) 
Week 5: Mon 11th - Wed 13th Oct  (mornings only) 


Course details

The training will be held via Zoom.

Course hours will be 8.30am to 12.30pm Monday to Wednesday over weeks one, two, four and five, with a small amount of work suggested outside of those hours.

Week three is self study, where three to five hours self study and practise sessions are expected to support the next part of the training.

Throughout the course, and for a period after, you will have access to the Wise Monkey online Training Platform with call recordings and a wide range of resources to support your learning.

The course fee is £3,295 including VAT.

To reserve your place we require a non-refundable deposit of £595 including VAT, with the balance due by Friday, 27th August 2021.

Payment plans can be arranged.


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